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I traveled with a brother and as we drew closer home, he called his wife and gave instructions about what he wanted to eat for dinner: the quantity, quality and density. He omitted a recipe and called again, adding that to the menu.

I asked him what he would be taking home for his family and he waved off the idea. I pulled into a mall and bought some edibles to give his kids. He attempted to eat from them and I humbly gave him his size of “many stripes”.

My father used to trek long distances so he could save one Naira note to buy 12 wraps of groundnut on wholesale price when he returned home from ministerial journeys. Despite his penury then, he taught us to always bring something home when we grow up.

What are you bringing home today? Some people bring aggression home as if it was their spouses or children that pushed their day southward. I once had a friend, when we were younger, who used to run for cover with his siblings whenever their dad drove into the compound. For some, it was their mother. The party of freedom and excitement would end on the arrival of the mom.

Homes are not built with the gravels of terror. Your spouse and children prayed for your safe journey, missed your presence, hopeful that your contract would be approved, and all you could return was ego and crumbs of sliced loaves of frustration which you snacked on. That’s not fair!

If you don’t have the tangibles to bring home, then bring a smile, a hug, a hot kiss, a hi5, a funny story worth sharing, a thoughtful affection, or a love letter!

May the Lord bless our homes.

— Author Unknown

Meditation: Fathers, do not provoke your children, lest they become discouraged.Colossians 3:21

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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