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Are you in need of ideas on how to successfully market your business during Easter? If so, then this digital marketing guide is just what you need.

With over half of the world’s population being Christian, it is no secret that Easter celebrations are a big deal in many parts of the world. Like most occasions, it is a once-in-a-year event that people celebrate in different ways. This means that Easter is a lucrative time of the year for certain businesses.

Suppose your business is one of those that benefit from this large-scale consumer spending. Then it would help if you prepared for the Easter Holidays with the right marketing strategies so that you too can capitalize on the spending spree that accompanies this season.

Find below essential points on this:

1. Run an Easter Holiday Sales Campaign

Millions of consumers will be shopping for a wide range of things online, and a lot of them will be concerned about getting the best value for less. One significant way to bring your online store to the forefront of the competition is by running a Sales Campaign.

Although offering a compelling discount is key to a successful sales campaign, how, when, and where you promote your products is more important. The best option is to combine sale pop-ups with promotional emails.

2. Offer Free Shipping

Offering free shipping—especially during a busy holiday season—can differentiate your store from the competition. After all, free shipping is one of the top factors that influence online consumers’ buying decisions, and it’s more than possible for most retailers.

You do not need to offer free shipping all year round; consider presenting it as a limited-time offer and add a sense of urgency to it. It is a compelling incentive that works with any holiday season, especially for products with higher delivery costs. Imagine the high number of orders you are likely to receive during this period if only you adopt this strategy.

3. Promote Relevant Products

You may be wondering; what products are relevant to Easter? Well, Easter items differ from Valentine’s or Christmas day gifts by nature. Fortunately, shoppers are less likely to narrow down their purchase choice to chocolates and teddy bears during this season.

People are more likely to buy just about anything as long as you market your products well, and they get to purchase them at a discounted price. If you can successfully promote your goods or services, whatever they may be, in a way that appeals to people, you too can benefit from Easter sales.

4. Stand Out

Like any holiday, social feeds are going to be over-packed with Easter deals, offers and sales. You won’t be the only brand competing for your customer’s attention. What do you need to do? Firstly, focus on quality. In the large pool of products that customers have to choose from, only the most customer-targeted content will successfully get the needed attention.

Secondly, make sure the right people see your product/content. You can ensure this by promoting them on the right social media platforms and boosting them with the help of social media influencers.

5. Make Your Deadlines & Delivery Dates Visible

Regardless of the time of year, delivery is always a soft spot for online shoppers, especially when a promo deadline is attached.

When someone is about to make an online order, one of the first things they check is how long delivery takes. So, if you want to convert Easter Day’s shoppers into customers, make your delivery dates clear and visible. This should be done across your website, as well as in your pop-ups and emails.

What is more, remember to write the last date customers can place orders to benefit from your Easter sales or when they can expect to get their items delivered, and constantly remind them through sales emails. This helps them adequately prepare to take advantage of the promos while still on so that they don’t have to make it a last-minute thing. It is also a way to drive urgency without making people feel guilty.

It is a simple addition that makes a ton of difference for prospective buyers. If you offer multiple shipping options, it is also essential you let your customers know how they will work during this season.

6. Target Last-Minute Shoppers

It is granted that some of us are chronic procrastinators, and any shopping is no exception. While many retailers chase after last-minute shoppers by triggering a sense of guilt, there is a more effective way to convert procrastinators into customers. Naturally, if you can offer fast delivery to last-minute customers, you are ten steps ahead of the competition.

Bonus Strategy: Offer a Limited-Edition Product

This strategy is not for everybody (and it certainly is not a last-minute project). But if you have the time, resources, and willingness to go the extra mile, it is perfect for creating exclusivity and driving scarcity. It is a clever (and funny) way to tie the Easter holiday to your products without forcing it

Whether you are on the hunt for last-minute Easter holiday email ideas or looking for an out-of-the-box holiday marketing strategy, give these tactics a chance. No matter what you are selling, you are sure to find some inspiration for your next Easter sales campaign (or any holiday for that matter.)

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